Topics of interest

The broader context of the Special Track comprehends Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science, Web Mining, Semantic Web, and Artificial Intelligence.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Sentiment Analysis: polarity detection and emotion recognition
  • Social Network Analysis: community identification and authority discovery
  • Visual Analytics: social media tools for navigation and visualization
  • Social content and recommender systems
  • Organization and group behavior on social media
  • Cultural influences on the use and adoption of social media
  • Text categorization: topic recognition and demographic identification
  • Multi-modal affective computing and sentiment analysis
  • Multi-domain & cross-domain evaluation
  • Sentiment topic detection & trend discovery
  • Predicting real-world phenomena based on social media
  • Social innovation and change through social media
  • Ethnographic studies of social media
  • Online information credibility assessment
  • Information/misinformation diffusion
  • Trust and reputation in virtual communities
  • Retrieval of credible information
  • Gold standard datasets generation with respect to the credibility of information
  • Credibility of crowdsourced data